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5 Questions That Will Determine Whether You Are Settling For Less | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

5 Questions That Will Determine Whether You Are Settling For Less

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This is not like the regular articles you had always seen in HealthMoneySuccess. I’m not going to tell you anything, instead you need to ask yourself some questions that will help you discover more about yourself.  Here are the questions.

1) Are you satisfied with your life?

Are you happy now? Are you happy with your life conditions? Do you have enough good relationship? Do you have enough money? Do you have abundance? If you are not satisfied, why are you not changing?

2) Are you settling for less? What is your choice? To dwell in mediocrity or strive for excellence?

Did you choose to settle for less in the things you do? Do you have high expectations but you always settle for less? Are you stopping yourself from getting the best in life? If you are stopping yourself from receiving the best (most people did), why is it that you are doing this? Do you think you deserve mediocrity or excellence?

3) Did you give up on your dreams?

Do you still have the dream in you? Or you totally gave it up because you are fearful of failure, hard work or criticism? Is the fear of failure, hard work or criticism stronger than your desire to achieve?

4) Are you doing what you love?

Did you choose to work in something that you dislike? Are you conforming to society expectations? Are you doing what you are doing now because of advice from your parents, friends or society? If you are, why? Why are you living the life that they think you should be living instead of living on your own standards? Do your life belongs to you in your situation now?

5) Do you think you are realizing your maximum potential?

If you are not realizing your maximum potential, why is it so? Are you limiting yourself? Do you have limiting beliefs? What is holding you back? Are you giving excuses or lies to make you stay in your comfort zone?

Parting Words

It is good to reflect upon ourselves regularly. By asking ourselves the above question, we can know whether we are realizing our maximum potential and achieve what we should really be achieving. These questions also help us to discover any insatisfaction in our life. If there is, great! Because you are now aware of it and you can choose to act on it. Take a moment and ask yourself these questions. Be honest and be ready to change.

Awaken the genius within

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17 Responses to “5 Questions That Will Determine Whether You Are Settling For Less”

  1. “Are you settling for less?” I don’t think anyone wants to settle for less, but sometimes that is the cards that are dealt you’ll just have to live with it. You can work as hard as you can, but some people will never better themselves no matter what they do. But I do agree you should give it your best.

  2. ATV for Sale says:

    While it is great to strive to achieve our goals, sometimes you do have to settle for less. Sometimes you have to take that mediocre job to build experience to get the dream job. Or sometimes you have to sacrifice your time and happiness now for a better future.

  3. Well among all the five answers.. I found out that I have been settling ofr less.. but after going through the questionnaire I figured out that.. I must work hard.. on me and as well on my work to achieve excellence. Thanks for such a awakening post.

  4. Walter says:

    Few years ago I have contemplated the questions you have posted above. It made me realize that I’m wasting my time and energy complaining about my lack. I now understand that I’m the captain my destiny, and with that I chose to be on the top of all my limitation. 🙂

  5. Vincent says:

    Sorry for the late replies everybody as I was out with a fever. I hope all these questions does help everyone to not settle for less and strive for excellence.


  6. Briefcases says:

    I agree that these are great questions. It does help to reflect upon your life to ensure that you are achieving everything that you can. It is far too easy to get comfortable in a situation and lose the drive to make things even better.

  7. Faye says:

    Really great questions to think…

  8. I ask myself those questions everyday. That’s probably why I’m constantly striving to improve myself. Terrific list.

  9. Buy PSP Go says:

    Great questions, I’m going to test my friends and play Psychologist 🙂

  10. Marcus says:

    Excellent article. As I read the post I realize that I need to address all five questions and get myself on track for success.

  11. Growing up my parents would always tell me: “Don’t ever settle for anything less than the best!” I’m not and I won’t… 🙂

  12. Oooh, great questions! I’m going to have to think about these….

  13. Kaizan says:

    I am following my dream, but I can say right now, it’s hard work! Not for the faint hearted. But then I look at some of my friends stuck in a rut, and I feel grateful that I have made this choice.

    Great article!

  14. 3) Did you give up on your dreams? Never!
    4) Are you doing what you love? I’m working on it 😉

  15. Good questions Vincent. I suspect the majority of people don’t like the answers they find within themselves (myself included). But as long you ask the questions and work towards changing the answers to your liking then things can only get better.

    What really scares me are those people who refuse to even consider questions such as these. Those who are all too happy to carry on blindly, half asleep doing the same thing day in and day out. And it’s those same people who complain incessantly too. I am at a loss on how to deal with them.

    Anyway, good stuff. Keep it up!

    – Dave

  16. Suzie Cheel says:

    Great questions, and I know until recently I have been settling for less, often it keeps us feeling comfortable, definatly means be don’t step into who we are meant to be being.

    it takes courage to be uncomfortable and step up:)
    Thanks for asking
    Be Abundant