Law Of The Seed

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When we look at apple trees, we wonder why does the apples contain so many seeds? Why not just one seed per apple will do? Nature have a lesson for us here. The apples contain so many seeds because not all the seeds will grow!

So what does the law of the seeds show us? It show us that if we want something, we are going to try more then once to get it. We will need to try 5 pair of shoes to get the right fit. We will need to send 20 resumes for one job interview. We will need to meet hundreds of people to find our best friend. We will need to try thousands of business ideas to get one that work best. One of my previous job in sales taught me, each No brings you closer to a Yes. I believe it and work hard on it so even a rejection can’t bring me down as I know each rejection I received brings me closer to a deal!

So how to be successful? We will need to try more then once to be successful in life, be it in becoming slim, becoming rich or having a soul mate. Successful people fail often to get what they want. It is because they are trying more then others and thus planting more seeds.

Effort first, results later.

Jack says if I get an A for maths then I will start loving maths. Zack says he will start saving money after he is rich. It doesn’t work this way. The principle is always effort first then results. It is not the other way round.

So what else can we learn from the Law Of The Seed? We need to know we can only reap the harvest after the work. Without planting the seed, we cannot expect any harvest. After planting, we will need to water it which is the effort being applied and then wait (patience) for it to grow.

Patience is such an important virtue yet sometimes we forgot about it. In this world of fast food and instant noodles, we want instant gratification and instant results. People want to be rich and wealthy overnight, which is hardly going to happen unless you hit the jackpot or strike the lottery. Look how many people are turn off by the idea of effort and thus denying themselves the results they desired.

Lets refer to the bamboo. It takes 3 years to get it growing. The first 3 years are just getting itself ready and growing the roots to prepare for a growth spurt. Without patience, you will stop the effort of watering on the bamboo in the first and second year and in turn fail to see it grow into such a magnificent sight.

Once we understand the Law Of The Seed we will know how to handle the feedback in life and don’t feel like victims every time. So understand the Law of Nature and work with it.

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  1. Vincent says:

    Welcome Nathan, good to hear that you like the article.

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  2. Nathan Onn says:

    Nice! I like it! It really inspire me a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing.