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10 Ways To Help You Get Out Of A Slump

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how to get out of a slump

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It is hard to maintain motivated everyday and there are bound to be times when we are caught in a slump. This is normal and everybody will have their bad day or period when they just don’t feel like doing anything. What is important is that we must be able to get out of the slump and keep on moving forward.

There will be times when we will stop our exercise routine, stop writing for our blogs or not completing our tasks at work and we may find it hard to resume those work. I went through slumps myself and I had found some ways that work, which may help you to get your butt off the couch and start working again.

10 Ways To Help You Get Out Of A Slump

1. Stop!

When you are caught in a slump, most probably you are gaining new habits which are bad, such as doing unproductive tasks. You need to monitor yourself and see what you are doing differently when you are productive and when you are not productive. Most of the time, you can see that there are some changes to your habits that cause it. So stop and reset yourself, start your day differently by doing the most important things first or minimize your time wasters.

2. Be inspired

One way to help you spring into action is to get yourself inspired. I find my inspirations from books, podcasts, videos, success stories of others and blogs. Go to youtube and just search for inspirational videos, visit TED for talks or visit my podcasts or MorningCoach.com for personal development podcasts. When you are inspired, you will feel a rush of energy in you to help you start moving forward again.

3. Goal

If you have the habit of setting goals, it is time to look back at it and see what you had achieved and what you had not. For those goals you had not achieved, look back and reflect why did not achieve your goals and are those goals truly what you want? If you have too many goals for yourself, most likely you will not achieve any of them. Set a single goal for yourself and direct all your energy towards it. This will increase your probability of achieving it.

4. Post your goal

I used to write down my goals in a book and I find that I usually don’t achieve them. I found out that if I don’t see the goal that I had set for myself, I will not achieve it as there is a tendency to forget about it. Nowadays I got a vision board right in front of my working desk that reminds me that I have something to aim for. So every day when I am about to slack off and shift into a slump mode, I will see my goals right in front of me to remind myself to keep working hard for it.

Go write down your goals and if it is possible write it on a very big piece of paper and paste it at somewhere visible. If you can see your goals daily, there will be a constant reminder to tell you to keep working towards it.

5. Publicize your goal

It can be embarrassing for some people to publicize their goal because they fear that others may laugh at them. You can avoid it by finding your really good friends (if they laugh at your goals, most probably they are not good friends of yours) or online forums where people share the same ideals (personal development forums). When you share your goals with others, it makes you more committed to achieving it and it also help to inculcate a greater sense of responsibility.

6. Find a partner

As regular readers of my blog, you will know that I always emphasized and encouraged you to find a partner or form a mastermind group to help you move towards your goal. It is really going to help when you have someone beside you to help motivate you and keep you going when you feel like giving up. Go out there and find someone who want to achieve similar goals to you and work hard together towards it. It really does help to increase your motivation.

7. Baby steps

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So how do you achieve your goals? One step at a time. Sometimes our goals can be overwhelming and it will do us good if we break down our goals into smaller pieces and start to tackle them bit by bit. If you want to achieve a body to die for, it isn’t possible to start lifting weights for 4 hours a day. Start by exercising 10 minutes each day and build up your momentum and slowly increase your intensity.

8. Momentum

If you succeed on carrying out your routine for that day, build up your momentum and keep doing it. We would normally feel good when we have achieve what we want and we need to take that feeling and build on it. Don’t stop when you are gathering momentum, once you had stopped, you will have to start all over to gather the momentum again.

9. Positive thinking

Our thoughts are  powerful enough to change our state. If you think about the scenario where you broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, most likely your mood will change and you will feel depressed. So when you are working towards your goals, if you harbor negative thoughts most likely you will fall into a depressed state. Be aware of your negative self talk and when you find yourself talking negatively to yourself, stop it and say something that pump you up. Some simple ones such as “If X can do this, so can I!” or “I can do this!”. You can get yourself excited by taking note of your physiology, start jumping around or pump your fist in the air and shout out something that empower yourself. But do this in somewhere others can’t see you, or they might start to think that you are crazy. This is something that I do too and even though it sounds weird, it works.

10. Get a mentor

Find someone who have already reached the places where you want to reach. They can help to anticipate the problems that you will encounter and warn you beforehand and most likely you can pick up valuable knowledge from them too. A mentor can also help to keep you focus on your goal and guide you along the way.



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11 Responses to “10 Ways To Help You Get Out Of A Slump”

  1. Hey Vincent! Your post may have been written in 2009, but the tips you have here are definitely timeless. #7 Baby Steps is one of my favorites in your list. Slumps sometimes happen when people are trying to go for a big step that’s out of reach, and when they don’t get it they get discouraged. Baby steps is a great way to kickstart the momentum.

    On a similar note, I was in a slump a few months ago (which I wrote at my blog – http://celestinechua.com/blog/2010/01/why-we-have-slumps-and-how-to-get-out-of-them/) and I found that sometimes what we really need in a slump is to rest. We keep going on and on without resting which leads us to become weary and tired. With proper rest, only then can we walk the longer road ahead of us.
    .-= Celestine Chua´s last blog ..12 Dating Facts About Me =-.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Celes,

      Rest is definitely needed and I find that the only way to be more productive in the long run is to set more time for rest. Sound ironic but it works. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  2. Buy PSP Go says:

    I always find that visualizing yourself when you have achieved your goals (often while listening to music) always helps me refocus and shake myself out of the down mood I’m in.

  3. Srinivas Rao says:

    Great post Vincent. I definitely think having a mentor and partners is a big plus when it comes to goal setting. It’s what keeps us going. Keith Ferrazi’s new book is all about lifeline relationships and how working in teams in terms of goal setting makes a huge difference.

  4. Vincent says:

    Hey Sun Jian,

    Welcome to HealthMoneySuccess.com! I agree with what you are saying. If you are not even aware that you are in a slump, then it is impossible to get out of it. Great point!


  5. Vincent says:

    Hey Dani,

    Positive thinking always apply to whatever things that we are doing. I love that too. 🙂


  6. Of course the very first step is definitely to recognize that you’re in a slump. Most people go through life unconsciously and then they wonder how come things are happening the way they are happening and their life’s a big fat mess.

    Awareness is key!

    Great points btw

  7. Thanks.I will try it.

  8. What great advice! Of course #9 is my favorite. 😉