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The Secret Of Journaling

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Most of us do not keep a journal as we may think that it is too much of a hassle to document down our thoughts or we just don’t know what to write about in a journal. However I believe everyone should actually keep a journal because it does help in our personal development.

Keeping a journal means that we can document down our thoughts, our problems and our progress in life. This mean that we do not miss out anything in life as everything is being recorded in the journal. If there are difficulties that seems hard to overcome, documenting it in your journal can help you to look at the problem as a third person and things may become much more clearer to you at that instance. It also help you to reflect on past experiences and see what you did to overcome your problems to get to where you are right now.

How I Use The Journal

Recently I had just started to write down my thoughts, goals, problems and my daily reflection in my journal. I find that documenting down my problems makes it much easier to solve them as I have bird eye view of it instead of seeing it in a first person view. It is almost like having a 2nd opinion from others. The daily reflection also helps to keep me conscious about my life as I am more aware of what I am doing daily. I will also look for things that I need to change in order to help me move faster towards my goals.

Recently I had started meditating and I used the journal to document down how I am feeling everyday and observe meditating helps me in gaining clarity and a more peaceful state of mind. Another thing I am focusing on is my productivity. I am documenting what I am doing everyday to see how much tasks I had completed in the day and what are the time wasters that I am indulging in so that I can eliminate it.

Documenting the amount of tasks that I had completed and the time I had wasted allows me to see a clearer picture of my productivity level. Looking back at the journal allows me to find out how I am wasting time and what are the things that I can do to increase my productivity. I may not be able to detect of how inefficient I am in some of the tasks if I did not document it down in my journal because sometimes we tend to work subconsciously and hence failed to be aware of our actions.

I had also wrote down goals in my journal and those goals are mainly long term goals. So I really look forward to look back at my journal in a year or 2 and see whether did I achieve those goals.

Should You Keep A Journal?

A life worth documenting is a life worth living. If you do believe that your life is worth living, then go out there and start writing regularly in your journal. As I had said, it helps you to be more conscious (staying present) of your life and it is also a fun to read back on your journal entries after a year or 2 and see your progress in life. Journaling can also allow you to tap into your past experiences to help you solve your current problems. You have absolutely nothing to lose in keeping a journal and why not just try keeping it for 30 days and see what a journal can do for you.


P.S: If you want to start keeping a journal, you can either keep a physical journal or find one online such as penzu (the one I am using) or even keep a private blog at blogger.com.

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7 Responses to “The Secret Of Journaling”

  1. Narender says:

    You are right. I liked that you said ‘third person view’. Something like that was lurking in my thoughts when I realized the significance of a journal but this phrase summarizes it well.

    I did not use a journal for my professional development. But I did for trading stocks in one full financial year that I learned all the things I need to learn about the stock market in only a year.

    But I learned another thing after that. That is that I lost all of my profits and some capital as well after ignoring to write the journal. Though there are other reasons to stop the journaling, I should have pressed myself hard to continue it. Today I know that journalling helps productivity, learning, stock trading, business, internet marketing and take any entrepreneurial venture.

  2. Documentation is most important part of life whether professional life or professional life it may become useful as you described here it would surely helpful to record our desire, motivational material and our goals, impressive thoughts.

  3. You know, I’m glad to have read this blog post. I’m going to take what you said and apply it to a business sense. From now on, I’m going to start writing down what I did today so that I can look back and see how productive I have been throughout the day. I feel like I waste quite a bit of time just lolly gagging around and doing this will enable me to gauge how effective my tasks have been in achieving my business goals.

  4. Vincent says:

    Hey car insurance guy,

    Yeah. That would be great. 🙂


  5. I’ve recently started keeping a journal that I hope I can pass on to friends and family members later on. Should be great!

  6. Vincent says:

    Hey Dani,

    Writing a blog can be time consuming and I totally understand that. Penzu works great and I think that what you had wrote in penzu will not appear to others.


  7. I used to love writing in my journal but it’s taken a back seat to the blogs these days. I plan on getting back into it and that penzu site looks awesome (though I think I might be a little paranoid about people reading it somehow!). I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the great post on a great topic!