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Baby steps to success

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Whenever you go for a seminar, some of the gurus out there will tell you what you going to hear will change your life, but is it true that after undergoing a seminar for a day will change your life? Probably not! You need consistent actions, daily planning and goal setting to get where you want to be, not a one time event. You can be fire walking on the day of seminar and you will still turn out to be the same person you are the day before.

To be successful, you need not be a genius. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett didn’t attend Harvard, Bill Gates drop out of it and Warren Buffett was rejected entry and see where they are today? Warren Buffett even said this to a MBA student before, “If you are so smart, why am I so rich?”

You may say they have the talent for the fields they are in, but who are not born with talents? Everybody are born with talents and it is just a matter of discovering and refining it. For whatever you want to become, just bite off a little everyday. It is the law of elephant. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Let state an example… You are failing your maths and failing miserably. You decided to make an effort to be better in your maths and dedicated 30 minutes a day to practice it. In a day or two, you won’t see the difference, but in a week, you will see you are getting better. In a month, you are good. In 3 months you are one of the best and in a year you will be the genius that everyone revere of and asking why are you so smart? The answer? One step at a time. Just a little bit of everyday can ensure that you will turn out better then you are now. I have failed my maths miserably in the early years of studies and this is the technique I have applied and I am seeing results.

What if you want instant success and you think that a year will be too long for you? There is no known technique that guarantee you instant success and if one year is too long, it is going to get by anyway. So why waste it?


Baby Steps to achieving results

1. Set goal

2. Break down overwhelming goal

3. Consistently actions

Set goals that you are able to stretch you and if the goal is overwhelming, remember, one step at a time. Break it out into small pieces and accomplish them consistently. Guaranteed technique to achieve what you want.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your stories on achieving success using baby steps.


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13 Responses to “Baby steps to success”

  1. Heah, what a special website you have. I found it on Yahoo while looking for some newborn baby items. Thanks and best wishes.

  2. Maria says:

    I am a 39 year old wife and mother of 2 with a full time job who decided to return to school 2 years ago to complete my BA, here it is almost at the finish line and never before felt as though I could concer the world as I do now. A perfect example of how I bit off a little at a time juggling so many responsibilities at once. I could see the light and my ambition to be a great successful leader only grows stronger everyday. I appreciate all the inspirational words throughout the blogging,

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Clinton,

    I got to agree with you. The action is the critical part if we want to change our life.


  4. I have to say all the books and seminars in the world will never change your life unless you have the drive to change your direction and learn how to do it.

  5. healthmoneysuccess.com says:

    Thanks for your comment Kai Wei. I’m looking forward to your posts from your blog too!


  6. Kai Wei says:

    Hey Vincent,

    Nice article about taking baby steps. Overwhelming goals are good for stretching, but it’s important that it’s realistic too.

    Consistent action is another must do to. No point writing it down on paper and not doing it.

    Looking to more great posts from you Vincent!

    Kai Wei