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Is The Newspaper A Must In Your Life? | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Is The Newspaper A Must In Your Life?

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Newspaper Anyone?

Recently I have just canceled my daily newspaper subscription and I think that it will be a good time to write an article about it. I believe most of us read news daily either from the papers, magazines or through the internet but I wonder if it is really necessary for us to take in all the news that are available? I started reading the newspaper regularly about a few years ago and it is an easily accessible source of information for me as I have a subscription to it. However I have started to question myself on the need to consume all the news in the papers after I had read the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

In his book, he talked about a point regarding about information overloading. He mentioned that he do not read any newspaper online or offline as he found that this activity does not help to add value into his life. This idea of his leads me to think hard about why I am reading the newspaper in the first place. I began to search for the reasons of why I was reading the newspaper and here are the reasons.

  1. To be aware of what is happening around the world
  2. To appear knowledgeable
  3. Reading for the sake of reading since the papers are delivered to my doorstep everyday
  4. Keeping track of the financial market

Do I really need the daily newspapers?

Reason #1 and #2: To be aware of what is happening around the world and to appear knowledgeable

I am still in a debate with myself on the subject, do I really need to be aware of what is happening around the world? I do not know whether it is good that I am constantly reminded about swine flu and using it as a topic to chat with others. If you have read or watched The Secret, you will know about the Law Of Attraction(LOA) and the LOA states that what you focus on will expand. So on this point, I think that reading the newspapers which are obviously filled with negative news is not really adding any value to me.

It also does not make sense that I am reading the newspaper to try to impress others that I know what is happening around the world. Isn’t it better if I can impress others with true skills and knowledge instead of boasting about my knowledge of the negative news I gained from the papers?

Reason #3:Read for the sake of reading

Since the papers are delivered to my doorstep, I find it hard not to read them because it is easily accessible, the papers cost money and not reading them seems like a waste of money. Reading for the sake of reading seems lame to me as I am actually repeating an action subconsciously(or we can say sleepwalking in life).

Reason #4: Keeping track of the financial market

This is the biggest hurdle I faced when I decided to give up on newspaper. I invest in the stock market and I need to monitor the market for opportunities to jump into it. The newspaper is the biggest source of information for me to find the right opportunities to enter the market. Giving up on the newspaper may mean that I will lose track of the market. I do not really know if it will affect me in the long term but I believe I can always keep track of the market through online methods to search for opportunities which are much more efficient and effective compared to reading the newspaper. I have adopted the style of value investing and this style of investing helps as I do not need to track the market as tediously as compared to others who are doing trading. If you are interested in learning more about value investing, I strongly recommend you to read the book The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.


I predict that giving up on the newspaper won’t have any major effect on me. As a matter of fact, I have not read any papers for a week now and I do not really miss it. Instead, I found new free time that I can use to work on things that truly matters.

I wonder what my readers think about this discussion. Do you read the newspaper everyday? If yes, is it really adding value to your life and helping you in one way or another. Do you think reading the newspaper is really necessary? There is no right or wrong answers but it is definitely a good question to ask. I look forward to your comment in the comment section below.


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15 Responses to “Is The Newspaper A Must In Your Life?”

  1. vandealer says:

    Personally I don’t think that newspapers are necessary…I don’t read them and really don’t believe that my life suffers because of this. So many articles in newspapers are irrelevant, exaggerated and negative. If I want to find out more about a particular topic then I can use the internet to find official sources or ask someone who may know about it.

  2. Vincent says:


    “Basically my policy is if it’s important enough, it will find its way to reach me somehow” This is something that I can pick up from you. It makes sense to me and now I have one more reason for not reading the news. 🙂


    There will definitely be people who will stick to reading papers but I believe there will be a drop in readers of physical papers and an increase in readers of online news.


  3. gas card says:

    5 Years down the road…. Newspapers companies will continue to lose readership, some newspaper companies might even drop all together or get some major cutbacks to their company. But in 5 years times I still think the newspaper will be around, but just not as heavy as it was in the past. I think there are still some parts of the countries that the technology is not as prevalent, and that is where newspapers will do really well at. I think it will take more than 5 years before newspapers are phased out.


  4. Hey Vincent, welcome to the club! 😀 I stopped reading the news since a few years ago and don’t see how I have missed out on anything. If anything, my life has become better without all that negativity swirling around. Basically my policy is if it’s important enough, it will find its way to reach me somehow. It seems to be working pretty well, since I’m in the loop of news like recession, swine flu, etc even without reading the news.

  5. Vincent says:


    It seems that the 4 Hour Work Week inspired us to make some changes in our living habits. 🙂

    @Mark Foo

    Sunday Times is my favorite too. I love the part where they always interview people who are financially successful. It is always great to pick their brains.


  6. Hi Vincent,

    I agree with Ross, this is an interesting post.

    Nowadays, I don’t read as much newspapers as I used to but I do read 2-3 times a week, especially The Sunday Times. It’s my favourite. Sometimes I read My Paper if I do not feel like spending too much time on The Straits Times.



  7. Ross says:

    Funny, I also questioned my addiction to news reading after I read the 4 hour work week… I still read the news a lot, but I’m much more selective on which articles I read… interesting post.

  8. Vincent says:


    I agree with your view. Digital sharing of news is a much more cost efficient way. More and more people are reading news online and it may not be surprising if the amount of newspaper distribution drop down over the years.

    @positively present

    Great job doing that! I am trying to live without the newspaper too and I believe the negative news really doesn’t help us in any way.

    @Susan Greene

    The internet is really taking over the information era. We can find the latest news online and nobody want to read “old” news. It really makes you wonder do you really need your daily subscription. 🙂

    @gas card

    I believe most of us have this view that the internet is taking over the newspaper due to easier and faster distribution. This also means that we can get news faster and news in the newspaper subsequently become old news after that. I wonder what will happen to news paper in 5 years down the road. Will any of us still read any more newspaper?

    @Jarrod – Warrior Development

    Thanks for your wonderful compliment. I agree with your view. Living consciously means that I choose to read materials that will benefit me. Reading books or any other information that will add value to my life will be better than reading newspaper that give nothing back to my life. This seems like a typical case of a 80/20.


    “good to know,not essential to know”

    I agree that news are not essential and those time spent on reading the newspaper could be put into better use such as improving our knowledge and skills that can add value into our life.


  9. c(a)sh says:

    i havnt been reading the newspaper for ages and yes at times i find myself lagging behind for some news. but in terms of work wise, these info are jus good to know, not essential to know. i get more relevant news online for work. watch the tv for news update. might be more entertaining that way.

  10. I don’t read the newspaper nor do I read any news online.

    Firstly there is very rarely something in their that is going to effect me. If there is then it is probably something really major and the people around will be talking about it so I found out anyway.

    Secondly, it is just a huge time sink for something that gives me now value in my daily life. Much better to read the blogs I have deemed to provide useful information (Like this one :)).

  11. gas card says:

    Personally I don’t read the newspaper, the only time I might read the newspaper is if I am bored at an office or something, and there is absolutely nothing to do, and I will get a newspaper or anything to read that is available at the office. I will say this though, with the internet, and the new media we are upon, it will be very tough for the newspaper to remain alive as a source of news, being that the newspaper is eventually old news once read.

  12. Susan Greene says:

    I do subscribe to and read my daily newspaper. However, lately I’ve been questioning whether I should cancel. I find I get most of my news online these days, and I really don’t have time to read the paper. Also, often by the time the story shows up in the paper, it’s old news.

    Have to admit though, that I feel sad to think of newspapers going under, as many of them have. I think nearly all printed newspapers will be gone within the next two years, made largely irrelevant by the internet. Sign of the times.

  13. I don’t read the paper and never have. Every once and awhile I’ll check out an article or two, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Most of what others tell me about what they read in the paper is negative so I think I’m better off without it in my life.

  14. ggw_bach says:

    the internet has changed the whole media space. Newspapers resisted at first (putting up their content behind paid walls) but gradually they have succumb to the information revolution. I think within 2 years, the bulk of physical presses will have ceases operations; and everything will go digital. The real-world costs are just too high to justify.

    I work in the print media biz downstream, and I see the writing on the wall. Convenience, timeliness ….. digital is just a better solution all round. There ARE business models out there (advertising as always) and paid journalism WILL survive. But printed news? think horseshoe-makers and candlestick shapers 🙂