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What is The Secret?

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Have you ever woke up late in the morning and found that you are running late for work, and tons of obstacles just pop out of nowhere to further delay you. In your mind you are thinking, “I’m late! Please don’t let me be late. I can’t afford to be late for today’s meeting.” So you hurriedly brush yourself up and you are ready to go. Then you found that you forgot where you place your keys and you search for it frantically and maybe ordered your dog to sniff for it. Finally you found it and you dashed to your car. You got onto the road and the roads are jammed. Upon reaching your company you couldn’t locate a single parking lot. By the time you got into your office, there is your boss, with a grumpy face and staring right at you and you know what will happen to you later in the day.

Have you met this scenario before? Maybe not exactly as what was written, but kind of similar to it, with everything in that day going against you. So why is it happening in this way? The answer is your thoughts are generating negative frequency into the Universe and that is what you get.

The Secret, Law Of Attraction

The Secret states that there is an infinite  power in your mind and about what you think. Meaning your thoughts get you what you want. Everything you think and wish for, you will get it. Notice the bold words in the 1st paragraph above? If you are thinking about you can’t afford to be late and don’t want to be late, all you are getting is to be late as the Universe does not compute words such as don’t, not or no.

Instead of saying you don’t want something, rephrase it into what you want. For an example, “I don’t want to be poor” can be rephrase into “I want to be prosperous and live in abundance.”

So what we can do to offer ourselves a better life now? We can start applying The Secret into our life. Monitor your thoughts and words carefully. Your thoughts and words make you or break you. Whenever you feel you are thinking of something negative, change it into something positive. Don’t keep complaining about things and gather in groups to talk about subjects which is negative because you are directing more energy into it and whatever things you direct energy into it, you will get it.

So start today and monitor your thoughts and actions and ask for what you want! Good Luck to everybody on your journey to success!

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